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What are your hours?
Monday through Friday the office is open from 9.00 am to 5:00 pm
Additional times can be scheduled for the showroom. We encourage you to make an appointment so that we can have one of our staff members available to answer your questions and give you a tour of the showroom.
We also schedule appointments for most Saturday mornings from 8:00 am to noon.

How much does a new kitchen cost?
That can vary widely depending on the size of your kitchen and the types of cabinets you select. We will gladly give you a free estimate after we visit your home.

How do I get a free estimate? 
Call and make an appointment for Terry Williams to visit your home, measure and design your kitchen.

How can I make an appointment?
Call us during office hours at 707-586-3840.

I have more questions?
Contact Us Now!